Individual wellbeing

What is wholeness?

It’s a state of balance and deep resilience that gives us the capacity to respond rather than react. It’s where we can notice our “parts” with curiosity (IFS Richard Shultz) when we embrace the entirety of ourselves, including the shadow and the light. This enables us to thrive rather than merely survive. When we are in our wholeness, we are in the present moment, a rarity in today’s world where many are either trapped in past traumas or consumed by fear of the future. Being present makes time feel more expansive, allowing for deeper connection with our senses and ourselves, fostering a greater connection with others and the more-than-human world.

What is naturopathic nutriton?

Naturopathic nutrition addresses the client as a whole. Using food first, lifestyle changes, and supplements where necessary, the aim is to facilitate the body to restore wholeness and a greater sense of wellbeing through its innate capability to heal. We look at the drivers of the dis ease process, not merely the symptoms.

“Let food be that medicine let medicine be thy food”


What is ecopsychology?

It’s a synthesis of psychology and ecology that encourages pro-ecological behavior, recognizing the intricate interconnectedness of all things. It acknowledges that when we are well, the Earth is well, and vice versa. My training is rooted in the works of Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Bill Plotkin, Richard Shultz, Steven Porges, Rhonda Brandrick, and Michael Conners. Using psychotherapeutic tools, we address and aim to heal our parts’ reactions to trauma by resourcing, restoring, and revitalizing, bringing us back into wholeness.

Whenever possible, this healing occurs outdoors, in natural environments. We hold sessions in all weather conditions and seasons, as each offers its own gifts for us.

1-1 Nutrition: 1.5 hrs – £125.00

1-1 Ecotherapy: 1.5 hrs – £50
(Pricing, subject to change in 2025)

1-1 Wholistic Wholeness
(Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Ecotherapy):
Seasonal packages – 1.5 hrs
Minimum of 8 sessions, held around the turn of the wheel.
£80.00 per session
(Pricing, subject to change in 2025)

1-1 Integration sessions – £60

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