"Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul"
- John Muir
"The wound is the place where the light enters you."
- Rumi
"I have woven a parachute out of everything broken"
- William Stafford

Welcome to my website...

Sue JudgeMy name is Sue Judge, and I’m a wholistic health practitioner. I work deeply with the seasons both through nutrition and the energy that each season brings.

I offer a truly wholistic approach to health and wellbeing supporting the mind body spirit and emotions. I do this through a mixture of naturopathic nutrition, lifestyle, nature connection, ecotherapy and eco depths exploration.

I devise bespoke programs for corporations, groups, charities and individuals. My aim is to support and guide you back into a relationship with yourself, this then ripples out into our relationship with others and the natural world, supporting us to live in a more sustainable and reciprocal way.

I am passionate about building and nurturing communities and see my part like that of the fungi connecting us all together and as these mycelium connections grow we begin to rebuild “the village’’ As author Francis Weller speaks of in The Wild edge of sorrow. Something that we desperately need as we recover from the story of our separation. I love to ignite curiosity awe and wonder as we delve deeper into the mystery and our souls’ calling.

Corporate Wellbeing

My corporate wellbring offerings include indivdually crafted and tailored programs, including Tetra Map personality profiling sessions to illuminate individual strengths and growth areas.

Escape the hustle and bustle with our seasonal retreats nestled in serene woodland settings, offering rejuvenating away days and immersive retreat experiences. Our Nature Well courses provide essential tools to prevent burnout and cultivate resilience, harnessing the healing power of nature for holistic well-being.

My Corporate offerings
Forest Firepit
Lake Jetty

Individual Wellbeing

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience, I offer comprehensive assessments and tailored recommendations to support your journey to vitality and balance. In addition to traditional approaches, I integrate the transformative power of ecotherapy into our sessions, harnessing the healing energies of nature to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Through immersive experiences in natural settings, we cultivate a deeper connection with the Earth, fostering resilience and inner harmony. Together, we embark on a journey of integration, aligning mind, body, and spirit to unlock your full potential and cultivate a life of vitality and purpose.

wellbeing for You

Wellbeing for Groups

Crafting diverse and captivating experiences, I specialise in curating and leading an array of retreats, courses, and sessions tailored for groups and charitable organizations alike. Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of our Nature Well 6-day nature connection course, designed to deepen your bond with the natural world while nurturing your well-being.

As a seasoned space holder and facilitator, I create sacred environments for introspection and community building through fire circles and sharing circles, where stories intertwine and spirits ignite. Join me on these soul-stirring adventures, where connection, growth, and renewal await.

Group wellbeing Offerings
Looking up at a large tree from below

Community Wellbeing

As a lifelong connector, I thrive on uniting like-minded individuals. I am a co director of The Wisdom Space CIC where we run various events including those held at The Wise Woods project. They include Seasonal celebrations, Nature connection sessions and Team away days with many more exciting plans for the future

I co-run overnight vigils with Aisha from Rooted Healing, emphasising plant connection and enquiry into the mystery of the unknown. This fosters profound experiences and communal belonging in the embrace of nature.

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