Group wellbeing

Using creativity to enhance learning, I aim to facilitate meaningful sessions that allow space for reflection, exploration, and curiosity within the group setting. This environment fosters a sustainable web of connection where each individual’s experience enriches the entire group. Once again, this illustrates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and it is within this dynamic that the magic truly unfolds when we reengage with community.

My group offerings vary, ranging from evidence-based Nature Well courses devised by The Natural Academy, often structured as one day a week over six consecutive weeks. These programs have been extensively delivered for the NHS and social prescribing initiatives across the country. Additionally, I offer bespoke courses such as “Wellbeing through Time,” a six-week course in collaboration with The Roman Baths. This program explores the parallels between contemporary notions of wellbeing and the self-care practices of ancient Romans. Held within the Baths themselves, it offers participants an immersive journey into the daily life of Bath’s inhabitants over 2000 years ago.

I deliver services to charities and organizations, including the Stroke Association, Mind, and the Carers Centre at Developing Health & Independence.

The Wisdom Space

Under The Wisdom Space as The Wise Wood project We run seasonal celebrations following the Wheel of the Year and Mindful Mondays. I facilitate fire and sharing circles for women’s and co-gender groups.

Please feel free to contact me to inquire about pricing and discuss your specific needs below.

Group wellbeing Enquiries

I have worked with:

Sue has been running workshops and courses for us for over 10 years, both online and in-person. These have included sessions on nutrition, cooking and creating a healthier lifestyle as well as on a variety of wellbeing topics such as building resilience, assertiveness and boundaries and self-compassion, among others. Sue is a very warm, kind, and empathetic person who immediately puts people at ease. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topics she covers in her workshops, and this comes across in how she facilitates them. Her workshops and sessions are designed to help people take some time to consider their own needs and wellbeing, and to continue to do this afterwards in ways that are achievable and realistic given the many other demands on people’s time. The feedback we’ve received from Sue’s workshops has always been very positive and we’re consistently asked to organise more and longer sessions with her. Here is one comment we received that sums it up:
‘I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety and this course gave me the energy to refocus on my self-care which I couldn't have done by myself. Sue gave us SO much information, so generously and genuinely cared about us. By the end I felt I could be a lot more real with myself and with others. Sue’s support and information was so thorough and wide reaching. Amazing. It made me feel empowered.’
In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sue if you’re looking for someone to run these kinds of workshops.