Corporate wellbeing

Over the past 10 years, I have created and facilitated various programs for companies, both large and small. This has included training wellbeing champions, establishing online platforms for connection and individual progress tracking, and supporting workplace change initiatives aimed at fostering employee well-being. This entails examining options such as canteen improvements, breakout spaces, challenges, and interactive designs.

I have also developed a series of booklets corresponding to workshops, enabling participants to track their progress over the course of a year in an engaging and interactive manner. These booklets empower participants with knowledge that they can then share with their wider team and service users. Additionally, I conduct workshops, demonstrations, webinars, and awareness days.

TetraMap helps to build self and team esteem and offers teams a common language and a safe learning environment.

Furthermore, I offer one-on-one wellbeing appointments, providing a confidential space for individuals to be heard and supported. Together, we devise personalized plans that may involve exploring options available within the business, making dietary and lifestyle changes, all without necessitating time off work. These options contribute to making staff feel valued and respected, thereby enhancing staff retention and fostering a happier and healthier workforce.

In collaboration with The Wisdom Space, I now also offer team away days and retreats in a private beech woodland near the historic city of Bath. These experiences provide a genuine opportunity for nourishment and restoration while working in harmony with the wisdom of the seasons.

Please contact for bespoke offerings and pricing for full or half day, in person or online.

Corporate Wellbeing Enquires

I have worked with:

"I highly recommend Sue as an outstanding expert in her field. Sue has been working in partnership with us here at SUEZ R&R UK for a number of years and contributed significantly to our wellbeing journey with bespoke webinars, one-to-one support sessions for our people and wellbeing guides. I have also directed friends and family beyond SUEZ R&R UK to Sue and know that she has been of real value to them on their range of health issues. She is wonderful to work with; a humble, engaging, and compassionate professional who clearly loves what she does."
"Sue has provided monthly talks, workshops and 121 sessions available to 450 members of staff for the past few years. They are always incredibly popular, with there often being a waiting list for 121s. She has covered numerous topics over the years and plays an incredibly large part of our Wellbeing calendar. Sue is professional to work with and her talks are interesting, informative and even the most sensitive subjects are delivered in a way that can reach all members of staff."
"I just wanted to reiterate how beneficial today was, both in terms of thinking about my intervention but also a personal perspective! ... I feel really honoured to have your interest in my project and for your willingness to be involved and share with others. People’s enthusiasm for the project means so much and really isn’t something I take for granted... hank you again for letting me join today, it came at the perfect time, and it was lovely to meet you"
"We enjoyed a fantastic day on Wednesday! The hospitality was first class and it was the perfect environment for us to talk openly about our priorities, goals and how we show up, both as a team and individually. Both John and Paul have since commented on how much they enjoyed the day. The opening session with Sue was the perfect way to disconnect from our emails, journeys etc and the learnings around seasonal rhythms was a great way to lead into our objectives for the day which was essentially around intention setting! We had a number of very productive sessions as a team and came away having achieved all that we wanted to. Thanks again and looking forward to coming back!"